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The key to customer service


Meet Andra Mostert, client director at Fresh Advertising and Marketing. Andra has a passion for people and fifteen years of experience when it comes to making sure that clients are happy.

With the rise of social media, consumers and clients have become more powerful. Statistics say that 95 % of people trust word of mouth whereas only 14% trust advertisements. This is important, because it has prioritised the customer’s experience, where a bad experience can go viral online in a matter of hours.

We work with Andra on a regular basis as our go between for our client, Fresh. With a deep understanding for the importance of customer experience, Andra also makes working with Fresh  a pleasure. By embodying client service, she makes the company’s customer experience a memorable one.

Customer service is key to generating support through word-of-mouth interaction and turning clients into ready-made brand ambassadors amongst their spheres of influence. At the same time, one bad customer experience can tarnish your company or organisations reputability in the eyes of future potential clients.

Through working with someone who takes the customer experience as seriously as Andra does, we have learnt plenty. Thanks Andra for being a great example to us in how to do customer service correctly.

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