Seize your power to save the planet

South Africa is facing a serious energy crisis. We have too many people and not enough electricity to go around. It’s a frustrating situation for the general public. With a shortage of power stations (and those under construction going hopelessly past deadline and over budget)and the looming threat of fracking, something must be done.

The tax payers of South Africa are the ones who lose in the current energy crisis, not only because electricity cuts out at the most inopportune moments, but because they foot the bill for poor service at the end of the day. In addition, the vast majority of our fuel is “dirty” – polluting our world and contributing to climate change.

WWF has recently launched the Seize your Power campaign globally, seeking to use the voices of ordinary citizens to lobby governments on the issue of renewable energy. South Africa has an abundance of wind and sun with which to generate energy without turning to dirty fossil fuels. Renewable energy is an economically viable option for tax payers and governments, especially in a country in need of a solution to the energy crisis.

Before resorting to fracking in the Karoo – an endeavor reputable environmental organisations have cautioned against – citizens should encourage government to investigate wind and solar energy. Wind power has become cheaper than coal in Australia, and in India solar power has begun to compete with fossil fuels. As cities turn greener, let’s make our voices heard.

You can join the movement towards a cleaner planet by signing the Seize Your Power pledge here

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