Meet the team

CazCarolyn Cramer (@thecaz) 

Carolyn (best known as Caz) is driven to improve the world around her or to support those doing that. She completed a BSc Honours in Conservation Ecology at the University of Stellenbosch but realised that conservation would find little success without public buy in. To this end, she went on to study a BPhil Journalism degree followed by a Masters in Journalism with a focus on environmental media.

During her Masters studies she began working at WWF South Africa, during which time she filled first a Communications Manager and later a Media Relations Manager role. At that time, the small marketing, communications and fundraising team in place were involved in various successful campaigns including bringing Earth Hour to South Africa and enlisting the participation of the President, the Union Buildings, Table Mountain, and various other South African landmarks.

In 2011, Carolyn chose to leave the organisation in order to broaden her scope beyond conservation to support organisations addressing other important issues. The launch of Coz It Counts married her enthusiasm for social justice with her traditional media, social media and communications savvy.



Chereen Strydom (@chereenstrydom)

Chereen studied a BA in English and Linguistics at Rhodes University before stepping into the fast-paced magazine industry and has experience as a copy editor, features writer and travel writer at Woman & Home, and most recently, beauty editor of O, The Oprah Magazine.

Her love for social media, writing, and building relationships – as well as a longing to make a difference – led her to pursue a career in public relations. She immediately felt a connection to the clients we represent and the work we do at Coz It Counts, as they fit with her ideals and hopes to help make a difference in her community. And yes, she has met Oprah.


AimeeAimee MacDonald (@AmiMcd)

Aimee began her career in media during her undergraduate studies at Stellenbosch University volunteering at community radio station MFM 92.6 and quickly worked her way up to a full-time position.

After majoring in English and politics, Aimee went on to study Political Communication at the University of Cape Town.

Continuing to work full time at MFM during the week, Aimee started as a producer at Cape Town radio station Good Hope FM. She also gained experience working for non-profits during this time, doing communication work for a home of safety in Somerset West, and research for umbrella organisation Connect Network.

Aimee completed her third degree in the form of a BPhil in Journalism at Stellenbosch University, before joining Coz It Counts. She continues to work at Good Hope FM as a weekend newsreader.